Sunday, August 5, 2012

50 years! Forever Marilyn!

Off Interstate 10, take Highway 111, and turn left at Marilyn... MARILYN?
The directions are for going to Palm Springs and Marilyn is referring
to this giant 26-foot Forever Marilyn statue of her with her white dress 
billowing and undies showing (Yes! Cute white lace-trimmed undies!), 
by artist Seward Johnson, now resting in Palm Springs until 
June, 2013.  You can find her on the corner of Palm Canyon Drive 
and Tahquitz Canyon. Prior to Palm Springs, Forever Marilyn 
was displayed on Chicago's Michigan Avenue. 

Forever Marilyn commemorates her untimely and most 
unfortunate death 50 years ago TODAY!  

Although there is a lot of speculation surrounding her death,
Marilyn remains iconic, legendary, and FOREVER!

"I used to say to myself", "What the devil have you got to
be proud about, Marilyn Monroe?" And I'd answer,
"Everything, everything."

                                                                                            Marilyn Monroe

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