Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On The Back of a Harley

I have returned...
 from my glorious cross-country ride to the Midwest on the back of a Harley!
For those of you Harley Davidson fans, the bike was a 2013 Ultraglide Limited.
We began by heading towards Nevada with a ride
to sight see around Hoover Dam...
which "dams" beautiful Lake Mead.
Then back on the freeway, past Las Vegas...
Did I mention we were in 115 degrees heat?
It fortunately cooled as we rode into Utah by late afternoon.
In fact, as we rode past a grass (alfalfa?) field,
we could feel the temperature drop at least 5 or 10 degrees.
Now I never could have felt that in a car!
By night fall, the evening was spent in Cedar City, Utah,
with, surprisingly, no back or leg aches!

Up bright and early, we headed towards beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park.
 How cool was riding through this?
The views were stunning at Bryce Canyon...
and spectacular!
Then, back on the bike continuing through Utah...
headed towards Colorado!
The second evening was spent in Grand Junction, Colorado,
then back on the bike...
continuing through Colorado with plans to stop
and visit relatives in Steamboat Springs.
Steamboat Springs is a beautiful town, even
without it being snow season.
On the mountain you can see the ski runs.

We were treated to a gondola ride up those
snowless ski slopes overlooking the Yampa Valley.

After a nice visit and breakfast the next morning,
it was back on the bike...
through the Eisenhower Tunnel...
the gorgeous Colorado valleys...
and charming Colorado towns...
and then through Denver, making our way to our
of Kansas.  A beautiful state of rolling hills.
After a few productive days in Kansas we rode another day's
ride to Illinois to visit relatives and pick up a box that I had
mailed and had waiting ahead of me containing more clothes!!! 
Though the bike's saddlebags were
limited, I really never wanted for anything as long as I could
wear my black boots, jeans, and change of shirts.
Then back to Kansas for a stay before returning to So Cal -
by airplane this time!

Most days were ridden 400+ miles with pit-stops every 100 miles.
My legs and back never were sore - nope! - not at all the whole time!
In reflection, it occured to me that only on the back of a bike, with
the asphalt wizzing by beneath me, would I ever
have experienced the different smells of the outdoors
both good - and some not so good - or the mentioned
temperature drops.
It was a trip to be remembered and hopefully not my last one.

This year has been a blessed year for traveling and adventures.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I will be joining
The Tablescaper's Oh, the PLACES I've Been!


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