Thursday, February 28, 2013

Around L.A.

There is always something to do in L.A.
By L.A., I mean Los Angeles County and all its cities.
I spoke to a man recently who told me he had lived in L.A.
his whole life and had never been down to San Diego. Yet, he
had also traveled abroad.  It surprised me but, really, if
I had to think about it ,and now that I'm in L.A, there are
SO many things to do in L.A. County that it could happen.
During my stay in Los Angeles, I have had...
walks in my neighborhood along side deer who had come down
from  the foothills (be quiet... and they won't run away!)
Trips to the flea market at the Rose Bowl.
This is probably the largest flea market in So Cal!
I even managed an evening at Staples Center...
to see a Laker's game! (Thanks Kathy!)
Besides the Lakers' team and the Lakers' Girls,
I saw David Beckham! (!!)
Most recently, I took a beautiful early morning
walk in bear country, in the search of waterfalls.
Up the side of a foothill canyon...
until I reached the water falls.
The picture is a little dark due to it being so shaded
but oh, so beautiful!

So, let's see... what to do next?
Thanks for visiting,
~ Karen

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