Friday, May 30, 2014

Equally Famous Banana Bread

Inspired by my recent visit to the World Famous International Banana Museum 
I wanted to make something with bananas.  I remembered I have this really
terrific Banana Bread recipe in my repetroire that I hadn't made in awhile.

My recipe is actually adapted from an also famous recipe for Julia's
Best Banana Bread originated by a gal named Julia and sold in her
bright green treehouse located in a small village called Kahakuloa
on the island of Maui.  You'll want to check out this cute bright
green treehouse which is on her website here.

When a recipe is "adapted" it usually means the current cook/baker has
changed something in the original recipe.  In this case, Julia makes her
famous Banana Bread using whole wheat flour and I use All Purpose white flour.

This banana bakes leaving a crackly and wonderful crust on the top.
I think that is what makes this Banana Bread so special.

It can be eaten just as is or as I like it - with a spread of butter.  Delicious!
I am so happy that I reminded myself of this recipe.

Thank you for visiting,

~ Karen

Sunday, May 25, 2014

World Famous Banana Museum

Would you believe there is a Banana Museum in So Cal?
I would bet most Southern Californians don't even know it.  I didn't, but
my sister did. On a recent day trip through the area, she insisted we stop in.
Sure enough, there is an International Banana Museum
World Famous and recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records.
It's official website can be found here.
It is located in the desert Coachella Valley, Southeast of Palm Springs,
on the North Shore of the Salton Sea in Mecca, California.
It made it into the Guiness Book as having the largest
collection of banana-related items.  Do you believe me now?
Everywhere I looked, banana items and more banana items.
Everywhere I looked there was a banana something.
If it were made into a banana - its here!
But not just to look at - but to eat! 
As a foodie, I was all about that.
I jumped on one of those banana and ape stools quickly
to decide what I would have.
Banana Shakes in Banana-Chocolate, Banana Strawberry, or Banana Mango?
How about a Banana Float with Rootbeer, Orange, or Peach Soda?
or a Banana Sundae!!!
My sister and niece split (haha!) a Banana Split
while my mom and I shared a Banana Milkshake but we
didn't wait to take a picture.  Sorry :(. 
But, I did stop this one guy headed out to his
car with this Banana Sundae
(with a cute banana and monkey napkin!)
and he kindly let me take a picture. 
It was a thumbs up for everything that we ate.
I think I will get a Banana Sundae if I ever return.
All inspiring, I got home and decided I needed to make
my own banana something.
Check back and see what I decided to make...
and if you ever get in the desert -- go see the International Banana Museum.

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