Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Break

By looking at this picture...
any guess where I went for Spring Break?
Look a little closer...
That is the Great Pyramid of Giza looming above the city.  
I went to EgyptA bit surreal huh? Even for me and I was there!
My trip began with my arriving in Cairo (via Paris!!!) and the next day 
touring the Egyptian Museum where I saw such items as 
King Tutankhamum's (King Tut's) gold, be-jeweled funerary mask, 
second and inner coffins belonging to King Tutas well 
as other Egyptian artifacts (no cameras allowed). 
From the museum, I went to the pyramids 
where I was met by this ever-so-proud Mr. Camel.
(I later rode a similar one named Casanova.) 
Here are some souvenir vendors with the Sphinx and 
Great Pyramid in the background.  
Seeing the Sphinx gave me the chills - just couldn't believe I was actually there!
After crawling through pyramids, riding a camel, and walking and more walking,
I was ready to grab a bite at a charming restaurant/hookah lounge --
with the ever-so-present Great Pyramid in the distance.
After a few attempts to puff a peach-flavored hookah, lunch was served.
Everything was SO delicious.  I hardly ate half of it and 
its much too late to request a doggy bag now, sadly.
But, of course, I could eat my dessert.
Refreshing mixed fresh fruit with puree.  Yum!
After a stroll through Cairo's flea market
and a trip back to the hotel for a quick
change of clothes, the day ended with a dinner 
cruise on the river Nile!  Ahhhhhh....
The next day brought a flight down to Sharm el Sheikh
with its gorgeous waters of the Red Sea. I know, 
surreal again. Something right out of the Bible!
If you look closely, you can see this resort's "swimming pools"
(holes cut out of the dock over the sea!).  Sharm el Sheikh
is more typically a European tourist destination and known
for its beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling.
I toured "New Sharm" with its many hookah lounges.  Each had
its own theme and decor going on - one after the other, after the other...
Then after a few more days of fun... it was back to the 
Cairo airport awaiting my 3 am flight back to the states!
This was a trip of a lifetime and a trip to remember!

Thank you for visiting...

~ Karen
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