Monday, August 27, 2012

Antiquing and Thrifting Along the Way

You all have heard the phrase, "I brake for yard sales"?
Well, I brake for antique stores.  A close second is thrift stores.
Although, I can't say my heart beats quite as fast.
As Mom and I headed up Highway 395, we anxiously 
searched for any and all antique and thrift stores.
I want to share this antique store.  Once again, I
zero in on the garden section and start clicking my camera.
Just a random mix of plants with some
fun stuff mixed in.
I love this turquoise chair.  Look at the flowers stuck in a pail!
This just looks happy to me. 
Look at the flower made
out of dishes! A sunflower perhaps?
I ended up bringing home six milkshake iced tea glasses,
some older special interest cooking magazines (50 cents each!)
and an entertaining book authored by the former butler
to Princess Diana and the royal household.
Mom scored with a depression glass dessert cup (the
Madrid pattern she thinks), mini bottles for her bottle
tree and Corelle dishes in the Blueberry Bouquet pattern.

We were very happy travelers, I'd say!

Thanks for visiting!

~ Karen

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  1. I want the blue chair. What a gorgeous post.


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