Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eating at Pie & Burger!

 Pie & Burger is a mainstay in SoCal's Pasadena
and probably hasn't changed much in it's 50 years
of being opened: still operating on a cash-only basis
and making their sodas by squirting the soda syrup into
the glass then filling it with bicarbonated soda water.
My Diet Coke was made this way as well.
Pie & Burger is located near the corner of Lake Blvd. and California St.
On a recent visit, I had to have a burger -- and pie, of course!
I actually would have liked to have eaten
them in reverse order!
Their burger is delicious and comes with a special sauce.
Onions were optional but always a yes (please!) for me.
I couldn't eat it fast enough, knowing what was coming next.
Their pie menu is all that and more!
love pie!  I'll choose pie over anything chocolate all day long.
My favorite is Coconut Cream so which one to order was a no-brainer.
This menu reminded me of my grandmother who made
amazing pies, many of which were on this menu -
even Butterscotch Pie!
I'm looking at this pie menu and making notes on
pies I now want to make.
What pie choice would you choose?
And, what pie do you now want to make?

I will be joining The Tablescaper for her
Oh! The PLACES I've Been!

Thank you for visiting!

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