Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Trio of Patriotic Pies

Happy Independence Day!
I ran across these patriotic pies in Martha Stewart's New Pies and Tarts book
(a gift from my sister) and thought they'd be perfect
and festive for today's celebration.  I deviated
slightly from her recipe by making three different
berry pies - not mixed berries as she suggested - and making
three, not six.  I made only one recipe of her Pate Brisee
(sweetened pie dough) the night before to have ready in the frig. 
It is always nice dividing a task between two days.
(It's even more nice to have the pie dough waiting in the freezer!)
I used my six-inch cast iron skillets which I often use for my Tamale Pie.
As you can see, it takes a lot of rolling and cutting of the
pie dough into stars and stripes stars.  Its important to keep
the cut-out shapes cold until you are ready to use them,
so they will retain their shape when baking.
Once assembled, these were actually kept in the
freezer for an hour prior to baking.
My Blueberry Pie had a top crust made of a ring of stars.
My Blackberry Pie had a top crust of stars and stripes.
My Raspberry Pie had a top crust cut out with stars.
You can find the recipe for these small patriotic pies on Martha Stewart's website.
The star cutters can be found at Michael's in the fondant cutter section.

Now to concentrate on the food for tonight's celebration...
Be sure to go over and check out other patriotic happenings
at Common Ground's Be Inspired! Its a Patriotic Party! which I will be joining.
I will also be joining   
Thank you for visiting and enjoy your Independence Day!
~ Karen

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