Friday, June 7, 2013

Childhood Home of Julia!

I attended culinary school located just a few blocks from a
home Julia Child lived in as a child, until possibly before
she left for college back East. 
What a beautiful and grand home it still is!  I had previously
seen pictures of this home on the internet where it was painted yellow. 
As you can see,it has gone through a color change and is
now a French grey. I wonder if the current owners ever
tire of the lookie-lous and picture-takers?  Heck, I'd be so thrilled
to be living ithis glorious home, it wouldn't phase me.
I try to visualize a young, tall, Julia Child walking through its doors.
I recently read a book written about her which came out last summer.
It is called, Dearie. The Remarkable Life of Julia Child,
by Bob Spitz.  In his book, the author talked about Julia being ever
the prankster and instigator.  She had a sister four years younger
and Julia used to lock the door so her little sister couldn't come in. 
Then... when she was let in, Julia would pretend she didn't
know who the sister was and threaten to call the
police on her for intruding.  Oh my goodness Julia!

Just a little tidbit of info...
and I will be joining
The Tablescaper for Oh! The Places I've Been

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