Friday, June 1, 2012

Lavender Blue in So Cal

Is Lavender purple or is it blue?
Looking at this lovely field of lavender... Imagine us being in the beautiful lavender fields of Provence, France... Well, okay. Not quite.  I
 tried.  I even managed to take a picture without any palm trees!  Ha! 
Tucked away in the hills of So Cal, just minutes from the Pala Indian
reservation (and, yes, casino!), and a little off the beaten path - just off 
Old Lilac Road in Valley Center, CA... 
A "farm" brought back to its luster by a woman from Africa. 
It got its name from the name of the dirt road it is actually located on 
and which is also the name of a nearby creek - Keys Creek.
Keys Creek Lavender Farm is a USDA certified organic lavender
farm and grows many different varieties of fragrant lavender,
including French and English.
Each variety is identified for us visitors.  
This one reads: "Royal Velvet" and the one I thought was the prettiest.
There is even a reminder of where we really are!
Yes, I was watching out but wasn't too worried.
I figure its all just part of the adventure!
Going up a slight hill stood (see the palm trees!) an adorable gift shop 
selling all things lavender.  Lavender soaps, essential oils, candles, jelly, 
dried lavender, and more! To the right is a Tea House.  There we enjoyed the 
fresh air as we ate lavender scones with lavender jelly as we drank lavender tea.  
How apropos?  See the lavender umbrella above over the picnic table?
Even the Adirondack-like chairs were the color lavender!
 there was dried lavender in the restroom!  Actually, the restroom 
was quite cute but I spared you all the porcelain!
This was taken from the Tea House overlooking the "Royal Velvet" variety.
This is of the "Lavender Sweet" variety.
As the sign at the entrance above implies, the lavender blooms
in only May and June.  We were told that all the fields are in
total bloom at the end of June at which time they have a
festival.  In early July, the lavender will be harvested.  The 
remainder of the year it will lie dormant, only to 
be spectacular once again next year!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the lovely pictures.

I will be joining

~ Karen


  1. Love lavendar. That looks like an interesting place to see. The lavendar is so pretty.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh how beautiful! My poor lavender just struggles in the southern heat and humidity. What I wouldn't give to have a lavender field! Dianne


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