Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beginnings of Autumn

This Autumn, after a 28-hour and three-day drive,
I have relocated myself to Kansas.

Although I have been to Kansas many times,
this will be my first time experiencing a beautiful
changing of the season that I hear so much about.

Driving through the countryside, I am seeing signs
of Summer fading and Autumn approaching.

The hay has been baled and sits drying in fields.

 The fields of sunflowers are fading as their
beautiful faces no longer look to the sun but begin to 
face downward as they turn to seed.

The soybeans are turning yellow as their seed pods
on their tops turn brown.  I think I heard soybeans
are grown in the Midwest for fuel.

Even the corn has turned brown as I peek
through the roadside wildflowers.

What I am truly looking forward to are the leaves
changing on the trees and foliage.
As you can see, on this last day of September,
I am seeing just glimpses of what I am told
will be spectacular and I can't wait!

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