Friday, May 30, 2014

Equally Famous Banana Bread

Inspired by my recent visit to the World Famous International Banana Museum 
I wanted to make something with bananas.  I remembered I have this really
terrific Banana Bread recipe in my repetroire that I hadn't made in awhile.

My recipe is actually adapted from an also famous recipe for Julia's
Best Banana Bread originated by a gal named Julia and sold in her
bright green treehouse located in a small village called Kahakuloa
on the island of Maui.  You'll want to check out this cute bright
green treehouse which is on her website here.

When a recipe is "adapted" it usually means the current cook/baker has
changed something in the original recipe.  In this case, Julia makes her
famous Banana Bread using whole wheat flour and I use All Purpose white flour.

This banana bakes leaving a crackly and wonderful crust on the top.
I think that is what makes this Banana Bread so special.

It can be eaten just as is or as I like it - with a spread of butter.  Delicious!
I am so happy that I reminded myself of this recipe.

Thank you for visiting,

~ Karen

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