Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bunny Tails Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

 Here comes Peter Cottontail's - tails!
Hopping down the bunny trail.

  In this month's issue of Southern Living,
I came across these Bunny Tail Bonbons
They reminded me of the
soft cottontail on the back of a wine bunny apron
 I recently picked up at Pottery Barn. 
You can go back and visit that post of

 In this recipe, melted white chocolate is mixed with cream
cheese then crushed coconut cookies are added.
I rolled and scaled each of them at three-quarter's lb.
I made one change to the recipe instructions by
rolling them in the coconut before placing them on  a
half sheet pan to rest in refrigerator overnight to firm up.
The recipe calls for adding the coconut after the night's stay in the frig
then refrigerating for another hour before serving.
The final tails become these rich and tasty soft balls of sweetness.
I dyed some coconut green to give the tails green "grass" to rest on. 
I did this by putting some coconut into a Ziploc bag along with some
regular liquid food coloring and smooshing and shaking the bag
from the outside until the color was distributd evenly.
You can find an easier printable version of the recipe on the
Southern Living's website here.
There are so many fun spring ideas out there.
I just love this time of the year, don't you?
I will be joining
Rattlebridge Farm's Foodie Friday
The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sundays
Thank you for visiting.


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