Thursday, January 30, 2014

Detoxing Sassy Water

After beginning my New Year with practicing pie crusts and making
pies in the first half of the month of January, I find it more than necessary
to at least do a water cleanse before the end of the month.
So, I have been drinking a Detox Water for 3 days straight!
Now I'm not a healthcare professional, and am totally going on
what I have read about it only, but the benefits of drinking a 
detox water claim to flush out impurities from our body, 
bring a clearness to the over-all look of our skin, and help 
to debloat our belly giving us a flat belly!  A leading flat belly 
diet calls it Sassy Water. I love that word Sassy.
It just sounds... so... sassy!
A detox water can also be used to kick off any weight loss program.
It is made by combining good water with fresh ingredients
in a glass container and placing it all in the refrigerator
overnight to soak up and meld the flavors.
It is drank in its entirety over the course of the next day
and is re-made and repeated for another two days. Three days
overall. I do not think there is any harm in re-using any of its
ingredients for the latter two days if they are still looking fresh.
Like any detox, it is best to eat whole and healthy foods
at the time of detoxing.  Seems an oxymoron to 
detox and eat unhealthy, doesn't it?
Most recipes are generally the same which include lemons
cucumber, and mint leaves.  I have seen fresh ginger added
which would add additional benefits for improving the
absorption of nutrients in the body.

Here is the recipe I have used:

Detox Water
Makes 3 quarts

3 quarts bottled water
2 lemons, sliced
1/2 hothouse cucumber, sliced
1 teaspoon, freshly grated ginger (opt.)
10-12 mint leaves
Combine all ingredients in a glass container. (Split between 2 containers, if necessary.) Refrigerate overnight.

At the very least, this water is hugely refreshing, pretty to look
at, and would be welcomed at a luncheon or spa-day with the girls.
Did it give me a flat belly?  Not completely sure.  I'm thinking
losing 5 pounds would probably give me a flatter belly!
Give it try and see what you think and how you feel afterwards!
I, once again, will be linking up to
Rattlebridge Farm's Foodie Friday
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