Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Plates and a Happy Thanksgiving!

I am a dish lover and collector which I, clearly,
inherited from my mother!
My mom was given four of these turkey plates years ago by her aunt.
Her aunt's husband had originally purchased them while living in
Syracruse, New York.
On Thanksgivings hosted by my mother, those four turkey
plates were on the table - mixed in with other plain "non-turkey" plates.
It was a real treat to have gotten one of the turkey plates to eat from.
A year or two ago, my mother and I were walking through an
antique mall and I did a double-take.  Mom and I both agreed that
the two turkey plates sitting there were matches to her four at home!
She bought them, brought them home, and sure enough they matched.
She now has six turkey plates.
She nor I have done any research on the plates but we did notice that
the two  found plates had a different plate marking on the back. 
The two found plates state:
The four original plates say:
Mom isn't hosting Thanksgiving this year so the plates
having been sitting in a vignette on her side table.
and used for dinner along with a Broccoli Chicken
Casserole and Autumn Salad dinner HERE.
So, on behalf of myself and my family, and Mom's six turkey plates,
I wish all you a very Happy Thanksgiving, safe driving, and happy eating!

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